Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I'm Cheap, But Not That Cheap

I hate when this happens. I bought a gift for Shane at the 'Mart, and then, a few days later, I saw it on sale at the hardware store for less.

I know the 'Mart will price match, but the difference is only $1.67 and the thing is already wrapped. I hate wrapping gifts, so there's no way I'm going to unwrap it, take it in to get the difference, then bring it home and re-wrap it.

Just to be sure, I called the store and yes, they'd want to see the actual item. On some items, like groceries, the other store's ad and my receipt would be enough, but not on a packaged hardware item.

I suppose I could swing by the hardware store, pick up the item in question and take it to the 'Mart and return it for a full refund, but my luck would be that they had store-specific SKUs or something. Not to mention, I don't really need to go to either store any time soon.

Makes me wonder, though, under what conditions I would pursue the price match. Maybe if I'd been planning to go to one or both stores anyway? Or if the price difference were greater, or just a larger dollar amount? Or maybe if I was just in the mood to stick it to the 'Mart man? But then again, there's still be that re-wrapping issue.

I'm sure there must be some instance when it would make sense to go to the trouble. But not this time.


Donna said...

My word the price of gas these days?? You did right! hugs

DadGuy said...

I think that the $1.67 price is what you're after. If that were $16.70 then yeah, might be worth it. But saving a dollar fifty (give or take...) If it's that big a deal, skip a lunch somewhere, and you just made that money back.

Or at leas that's the single guy's mentality. "If I ate mac & cheese twice a day for 3 months I could buy..."

Annie Jones said...

Donna: Oh, no, I'd never make a special trip for it.

Dadguy: Yes. If it were convenient to get that $1.67 back -- for example if they were in the same shopping center and I'd found the price difference while I was still there, you bet I'd walk back over and get the difference. And of course, if it had been a larger dollar amount.

Guess I'm just saying that I almost wish I'd never seen the second ad with the lower price. They say ignorance is bliss. :)