Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Amazing Rubber Turkey

I bought an 18 pound turkey for Thanksgiving and stretched it from there to next Wednesday. It’s a good thing we love leftovers!

On Thanksgiving Day, Shane deep-fried it and we served it with all the trimmings: mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, green beans, a 7-layer lettuce salad, cooked cabbage and apples, cottage cheese, cranberry sauce, homemade crescent rolls and a couple of different desserts. We ate leftovers again later that day, and I sent enough home with Jean and with my sis and brother-in-law to feed them that night, as well. The only thing we depleted was the mashed potatoes. (about 12 turkey servings in all)

On Friday I sliced the remaining white meat and put it in the fridge. I picked the remaining dark meat from the bones. I put about 1-1/2 cups of dark meat in the freezer, and divided the rest into three portions and refrigerated it for other meals. We had removed the wings in order to get the turkey to fit into the fryer, so I put the wings, along with the turkey carcass in a large stockpot and simmered up a gallon of nice, rich turkey stock. Then I picked even more meat from the carcass. Using one portion of the reserved dark meat and a little of the stock, along with the green beans and gravy (and adding some onion and carrot) I made a biscuit-topped turkey pot pie. We ate 1/3 of it for supper, along with leftover 7-layer salad, cranberry sauce and cottage cheese. We’ll eat the rest on Sunday and Monday. (4 total turkey-based servings eaten Friday)

Today (Saturday) we’ll use the white meat for turkey sandwiches for lunch, along with more cranberry sauce, cottage cheese, stuffing, and cabbage and apples. For supper, I’ll use part of the reserved stock and another portion of the reserved dark meat, along with the noodles out of a couple of packages of Ramen noodles to make turkey noodle soup. I’ll serve the leftover rolls with it, along with desserts as desired. (at least 6 total turkey-based servings between the two meals)

Tomorrow (Sunday), we’ll have another 1/3 of the turkey pot pie for lunch, along with some of the cabbage and apples, stuffing and cranberry sauce if there is any left. For supper, I’ll use the remaining refrigerated portion of dark meat, some of the stock, and some potatoes, carrots and celery to make a thick turkey stew. I’ll add a side salad to it and call it a meal. (at least 6 total turkey-based servings)

Monday evening we’ll have the rest of the turkey pot pie and a salad. (at least 4 turkey-based servings)

Tuesday, we’ll have a mini-smorgasbord of whatever, soup, stew and side dishes are leftover. (at least 3 total turkey-based servings)

Finally, on Wednesday I’ll take the last of the turkey out of the freezer and make a small casserole dish of turkey tetrazzini and a couple of “new” side dishes. (approx. 4 turkey-based servings)

That’s at least 39 main dish servings from one $15 bird. Less than 40¢ per serving. Even after adding the side dishes on Thanksgiving Day and the few ingredients throughout the week, I can’t imagine the meals cost more than $1 per person per meal. I know it’s too late to be of much help for this weekend, but it’s something to keep in mind next time you cook a turkey. If can’t stomach the idea of that much poultry that many days in a row, you could always freeze the turkey and the stock and use it within a month or two.

My next project: An elastic ham for Christmas!


Donna said...

Lordy Girl, you're good! Great tips! Now, if only I can get Hubby to follow insturctions! lol
Have a great day!

Nobody™ said...

Eww. I'm not a fan of turkey, mainly because I hate the leftovers. Ham on the other hand..

Sheila said...

I love both turkey and ham left overs. No need to be fancy with them either. Sandwiches are perfect, in my opinion.

Annie Jones said...

Donna: Does your hubby do most of the cooking?

Nobody: What's not to like about turkey? Or ham...

Sheila: Yeah, I should've saved more of it for the sandwiches. I like mine with mayo and dill pickle.

Dave Morris said...

You will start growing feathers if you eat all this turkey! (and a beard, but didn't want to go there)

Donna said...

Lets just say after 30yrs of cooking, I'm tired. He discovered he loves to cook so who am I to stop him? lol Have a good one.

Annie Jones said...

Dave: Don't you know turkey is estrogen enhanced these days? Shane is bulking up in places he didn't even know he had. ;)

Donna: The same thing is happening to my parents. After 58 years of marriage, he's suddenly started doing most of the cooking and she doesn't mind a bit.