Friday, October 5, 2007

Sooner Or Later, I'll Prove 'Em Wrong

While the work involved with the temp job I did last week went well, I was a little dismayed at the man who was my supervisor.

Specifically, as we were driving around the city, we spotted a couple of Dave Ramsey billboards advertising his radio show. One billboard said "Act Your Wage", and went largely unnoticed by anyone in the car but me. The other one said simply "Live Debt Free".

My supervisor chuckled at the billboard and scoffed at the idea, saying "Yeah, I like that sign. Like living debt free is even possible."

I tried to explain that was exactly Shane's and my goal. The supervisor said, "Well, good luck with that." He was clearly skeptical.

He then went on to complain about his $375 cell phone bill and brag about the plasma TV he'd bought last a week or so ago.

Debt has become such a part of American life that most folks don't even stop to consider that there might be an alternative.

I intend to become an exception to the rule.


Tug said...

I was JUST talking last week about some of our employees that need payroll advances EVERY PAYDAY, but they're driving new cars, talk about going out for steak dinners, etc...insane.

Annie Jones said...

Tug: That's exactly what I'm talking about. If you can afford the luxuries you enjoy, then go for it. But if you can't, then I think you should show some restraint.

I haven't always been able to follow my own counsel, but I still think it's good advice.

DadGuy said...

It is good advice. Anyone who is up to their ears in debt is in for a reckoning.

Annie Jones said...

Dadguy: I agree. I think sometimes a person needs to take a closer look to find the real reasons they are in debt. It isn't always about money or the things we spend it on. I think sometimes it's about something we're missing, running from or trying to control.

Violet said...

I racked up a bunch of debt while I was in college, got out of debt completely (excluding student loans), then got back into debt when I moved across the country and back within a few months. I'm almost back out of debt again (still excluding student loans), and once I am, Dave and I will start on his debt. It isn't impossible, it just takes a bit of persistence.

Annie Jones said...

Wiolet: Good for you! I reducing or eliminating debt is a worthy goal for anyone.

Our initial goals are to knock off the credit card debt and get our van paid off. After that, our big goal will not be the mortgage as much as it will be staying out of debt, building savings and filtering some of our money into a fund for home improvement. Once we feel comfortable with those goals, then we'll start working on the mortgage.

Dave Morris said...

I could get out of debt quicker if I could lay off the scotch.

Annie Jones said...

Dave: Or invest in a distillery.