Monday, October 1, 2007

Picture This

It's time for photos. We let too much time get away from us; the last time we had portraits done of Kat was two years ago.

Kat's Pre-K sent home information on school photos (head shots, not classroom group photos). The least expensive package of two 3x5 and 8 mini-wallets is $8. The minimum package that would work for us if we want to give pictures to extended family is $28.

Just this morning I got an email from Olan Mills Studios. They have this package for $9.99:

1 - 10 x 13
1 - 8 x 10
2 - 16 wallets
6 - Portrait Postcards

There is a handling fee of $4.95, bringing the total to $14.94. Plus tax, I suppose.

Still, that's half the price of the package we'd need from school, and Olan Mills does wonderful work for a photography chain. I know they will try to tempt me with a lot of really cute additional poses. But I'll stick to my guns and say no. I'd rather go back when she's five rather than get more pictures than we need of her at age four.

This is a no-brainer as far as I'm concerned. We have an appointment for Saturday morning.


Bluepaintred said...

we get the whole shebang done once a year at walmart. a family picture package as well as a set of each of the boys done.

when they are in school though , it is really important to them to bring home one of the big blue envelopes like all of their classmates are so we order the class picture for their scrap book as well as a fridge calendar with their photo on it.

school pictures are horribly expensive so we never get the packages!

Annie Jones said...

Shane and I discussed the idea that she might feel "left out" if she's the only one in class not bringing home pictures. For now, we aren't going to worry about it.

For one thing, I always order 1 or 2 books for her when they send home book order forms. I'm sure there are kids in her class who don't get books on the day they are delivered. They might feel left out, but things aren't always "fair" and "equal", even in Pre-K.

For another, we can always be sure to get her pictures done around the same time the school does them, then when she gets to an age that she wants to swap pix with friends, she'll have some to swap. (And, if the school changes to a more affordable photography company, we'll consider buying them.)

As for the group shot of her class, that won't happen until spring. I'm planning on buying that one for her, unless it is outrageously expensive.

Tug said...

Back in 'the day', school pics were cheaper, so I didn't worry about it - bought them.

sorry I'm not more help.

Annie Jones said...

Tug: I know it varies from school to school. When Jean was in school, they were cheap compared to some of the other schools. Not here, though. :(