Thursday, October 4, 2007

An Easy Way To A Healthier Diet

Once a week or so, I try to serve a meatless supper. I was happy to find the Meatless Mondays website today.

The site is chock-full of information about going meatless once a week for a more healthful diet. Although I consider seafood to be "meat", the Meatless Mondays website includes a lot of recipes that feature seafood. There are also dishes that center around grains, legumes, eggs and dairy products.

In addition to hundreds of recipes, the site includes e-recipe cards, food and nutrition facts, and a weekly newsletter.

It's worth checking out.


Violet said...

cool. i'll have to check it out.

i heard on the news today that it is now okay for women to eat fish/seafood when they are pregnant. i wish they'd freakin' make up their minds!

Annie Jones said...

Violet: It almost makes you want to stop reading about nutrition, doesn't it. What's healthful today will surely be bad for you tomorrow. And vice-versa.