Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Another Thing Marked Off My To-Do List

The temp job only lasted two days. We had all our testing completed by 5:00 this afternoon. Basically the job consisted of sitting in a Chrysler Aspen (I don't recommend them...the seating is really uncomfortable) and driving the interstate loop around our city twice (about 75 miles each round).

Most of the first time around, I received 150 consecutive calls on two cell phones, one in each hand, saying "Phone 3" and "Phone 4" each time I answered. The rest of the drive was one 2-hour call to a NPR station on the west coast, noting if and when the call dropped. After lunch, testing involved driving to a somewhat rural area, parking, and either taking another 150 consecutive calls or doing another long call.

Kind of dull, but for $12 an hour, I don't mind. Unfortunately, my co-workers were also kind of dull; those long calls, when conversation was actually possible, were feeling really long by the time it was over.


On a more interesting note, I got called back for a second interview next Tuesday at the "big corporation" job.


Tug said...

MUCH luck on the 'big corporation' job!

I hate hate hate talking on the phone...that would have driven me NUTS.

Annie Jones said...

Thanks Tug!

Phones? I can take 'em or leave 'em, but taking 300 or so cell phone calls in a day is a bit crazy.

Violet said...

can you hear me now?

Annie Jones said...

Violet: Only I didn't have the geeky little windbreaker jacket. ;)