Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Slop-py Joe, Slop-slop-py Joe

Which would you rather be:

  • Some drone in some cubicle in some corporation?
  • An employee of the IRS, who is, of course, here to help you?
  • A lunch-lady in your kid's school?

Suddenly, there's the very real possibility that I'll have all three of these jobs to choose from.


Well things sure do change in a hurry! There's no chance I'll be a lunch-lady after all. The pay is lower than they had published in the school flyer, and there aren't any positions open that offer enough hours a week. It would've been nice to have those snow days off work, though.

On the other hand, I had a phone conversation...not really an interview, but more of an overview...with the supervisor of the cubicle job. Guess what? It really isn't a cubicle job after all. It has more to do with assisting in-house printing services and facilities management. It's more of an active, tactile position than I'd expected. And one that will draw on my past work experience. It pays better than I expected it would, too.

With luck, I'll be called in when they start the actual interview process.

As for the IRS job, I'm still in the running. The postings I applied to don't close until 11/1 and 12/28, though, so it may be a good long while before they start the selection process. Or they may do it gradually as the applications come in. Who knows how the government will do things?

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